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November 30, 2009

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  • "It is clear that ultra-low cost handsets are the key to mobile services growth in emerging markets, but this segment poses significant challenges to handset manufacturers both in terms of cost and functionality,”

    “The Myriad Dynamic Homescreen addresses these issues by providing a way for handset manufacturers to deliver new data services on the most basic mobile platforms.” “The home screen is becoming a vital differentiator for low cost phones,” The simplicity of zero-click or one-click widgets is an important driver of both adoption and usage, creating real advantage for network operators seeking to drive data services growth.”
    These widgets can be dynamically updated through a range of data connections, including 3G, GPRS, SMS, and USSD – a basic data service that is compatible with all GSM phones. The ability to receive data via USSD and SMS means that entry-level data services can be delivered to users without data contracts or in regions with poor coverage.

  • Infineon a German company claims they can cut the cost of a cell phone by roughly 50% from it's 35 to 40 dollar average. Will ultra low cost phones really be the savior? This article suggests no although it may have potential as the "home" phone where effectively it won't be seen. No question people have aspirations but marketed as a family deal with a fully featured phone and get the carriers behind it and perhaps there is room for opportunity. Have things changed since this article was written?

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