My Twitter Updates for 2009-12-01

December 1, 2009

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  • Just about to put the topping on a white chocolate cheesecake… looking good so far…. get's eaten tomorrow | Famous family recipe ! #
  • Heading in to Supernova at mission bay conference center. @kevinmarks has tweeting blitz underway 😉 good stuff. #sn09 #
  • Ah great a seat one can sloutch and get comfortable. Supernova about to start #sn09 #
  • #sn09 this is very intellectual rather than pratical and pragamatic discussion, the city seems to be a red herring. People put it together #
  • @zephoria nice job – good points #
  • #sn09 @werner doing a great job on the practical realities and opportunities for using the "cloud" – scalable model good examples #
  • Hearing Jonathan Zittrain he's just as entertaining and pointed as he was a few weeks ago. eg Breakfast oriented provider – toaster. #
  • Jonathan Zittrain "no-one owns email" #sn09 #
  • Did Nokia make a mistake by not developing touch for S40? Samsung’s numbers say – Yes. #
  • RT @srenan: Talks here at #sn09 are so deep, so rich, so disruptive > all i can do is listen < so no cute bon mot tweets today. #
  • RT @Ross: Like @anildash, I thank Kevin Werbach for bringing this community together since 2002 (where we founded Socialtext) #sn09 #

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