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December 2, 2009

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  • "If you listen to Nokia, they are telling us that they are doing great. They’ve sold 10+ million touch devices in a year. But Samsung’s numbers are telling us otherwise. They’ve sold 40+ million touch handsets in the same time. They are beating Nokia to pulp, everywhere related to touch, and are starting to make serious inroads elsewhere too.

    Samsung Star/Preston are outselling Nokia 5800 XM by at least 2 to 1 margin. For Nokia 5230 and 5530 XM it’s too early to tell, but preliminary indications are that Samsung Corby will outsell them by at least 3:1. It turns out, that at EUR 150-300 price points, consumers do not care much whether your handset is a smart or dumb phone. They just want a nice touch UI, and with a dedicated proprietary featurephone OS, Samsung is faster, leaner and better equipped to provide that."

    Interesting commentary.

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