My Twitter Updates for 2009-12-02

December 2, 2009

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  • NYTimes: This I Believe Tom Friedman on Bart reading. #
  • #sn09 listening to the media session no-one mentions craigslist re revenue re media re peoples media #
  • #sn09 re media – content and revenue streams are getting a divorce. Where's the crowd going? How will we support great journalism? #
  • #sn09 re media where are the new innovative solutions? On a practical side what will be the e-reader or mobile impact over 10+ years. #
  • RT @tzmrhal: #sn09 Dave McClure (500 Hats) 'somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of VC firms will not be operating in the next 3 years. | really? #
  • #sn09 re media not thinking enough re future. Not thinking likely disruptions to come. Eg location / socialnets notifications etc #
  • #sn09 seems to have brought down twitter search! #
  • #sn09 how many are for a decentralized twitter? Yes? No? Something else? #
  • RT @dsearls Relevant to #sn09 Open Source Tweeting: In response to by @DaveWiner. In @LinuxJournal #
  • #sn09 talking about Twitter and again seeing the fail whale for search #
  • #sn09 just wondering how many in this audience have changed their bluetooth name to their TwitterID on their mobile or laptop? #
  • #sn09 Is it true more "valuable" tweets include a URL and their value is augmented off twitter or in an app? Will Twitter put a $ on URL's #
  • @jobsworth why do I need an address book? I need access to directories in reply to jobsworth #
  • #sn09 isn't a tweet an opp to establish a temporary contract between two or more people. Just stick a URL in it and use an exchange broker. #
  • @juracraveiro my iphone is @stuarthenshall in reply to juracraveiro #
  • @kevinmarks btw my iPhone is @stuarthenshall #sn09 in reply to kevinmarks #
  • @jobsworth — yes think I like the fact that I am listed in some NZ directories… part of my pre-net history. How many will have that? in reply to jobsworth #
  • RT @esmevos:#sn09 why do we need telecom at all? Why do we need this central switch? Think of WiFi Direct as metaphor for how 2 connect #
  • @jobsworth re send social comparison #

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