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December 11, 2009

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  • "In order to leverage its brand in developing countries like China and India, Nokia has announced its cheapest navigation phone, which is expected to hit the market by the second quarter of 2010."

    No doubt adding maps to phones is brilliant. Without knowing the specs Nokia's may well come in many languages. Yet I'm not convinced that truckers or taxi's will pay a price premium for it – and in this style of handset (input). So who's it really for? India still has a culture of navigation by nose and mouth. Eg stop and ask – reaching in fact in 2006 when I was here there were hardly any googlemaps etc available. Maps were almost unheard of. Travel remains local etc. No I really see other markets for this phone or type of device. Maps won't come to India until we bring in classifieds and other mashup type opportunities and that defines a different type of phone.

  • Samsung got it and Nokia didn't. nada devices are set to steal share from Nokia feature phones next year. Nokia without a touch solution will end up driving a price war. the traditional stick is growing obsolete at all price points.
  • it just bugs me to no end that in the midst of the conversational turn in web and web tools, so many of us miss the fundamental differences introduced by talk… talk is the mode of production, talk is the means of distribution. that's social media. it's not "information" — though it contains information of course — it's more and much of what more it is still escapes us — escapes our ability to capture, measure, relate, quantify, filter, sort, and so on…
  • "Dragon Dictation takes the messaging experience on the revolutionary iPhone to a whole new level," said Nuance Mobile SVP and general manager Michael Thompson in a statement. "Dragon Dictation is also incredibly natural and intuitive. Users will soon find they’re speaking more than typing using the power of speech to communicate even faster, whatever they're doing and wherever they are."

    I never could adapt to dragon on the PC. Maybe on the iPhone I will get to a new level of dictation.

  • I think his statements are bending it a little. A technologist with no understanding of users, behaviors and a degree of curiosity won't get anywhere. A market researcher with no understanding of technology and what's possible will also always fail. It' part of the reason I like scenarios. It combines the upstream understanding with storytelling that can perfect ideas and convert to simple concepts. It's only done well by people that are curious and inventive. It's also no wonder that rapid prototyping is important too.

    "Major innovation comes from technologists who have little understanding of all this research stuff: they invent because they are inventors. They create for the same reason that people climb mountains: to demonstrate that they can do so. Most of these inventions fail, but the ones that succeed change our lives."

  • The articles gets it wrong re the impact of IMEI and legal changes. In India today China Phones are being given IMEI numbers for 199 rupees or less and made official. This is nothing more than a small bother and a temporary annoyance for those that purchased.

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