2010 – Good Time to Start Making Changes

January 1, 2010

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For the last few days I’ve been working on a number of different blog projects. It’s had me looking deeply into templates again. In the spirit of experimentation I decided to start knocking around the blog template here too.  I’m determined to fix some of the things that need fixing and more importantly the content about me that I seldom like working on or updating. I’ve just started that process so things may be messy for awhile. If you have some ideas, comments, or things you would like to see here. Let me know. Perhaps I can find a way to get them done/incorporated.

Blogging has also changed. I can look at my Google Reader today and see that many of my blog buddies don’t blog like they used to. Increasingly that saddens me. My blogging has also changed. When you add in Twitter and link blogs it is easy to see how one can become fragmented or irregular. Keeping up a blog can be time consuming, it is also very hard to make it alone a business.

So while experimenting with others I downloaded “thesis” as a template. It is one of the few templates I’ve ever paid for having rolled my own in the past. Right now it isn’t doing much for me although it is easy easy to tweak everything from columns to text.

I did set out with the objective to drop some of the elements I had running in sidebars before. With the demise of “mybloglog” we really seem to have lost the “blogroll” linking and the social aspect of bringing visitors faces onto one’s blog. I always liked that element. I’m going to bring links back ultimately although in another way. It’s important to me that I recognize people that form part of my network (follow) although that can also be seen in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Still not all of these “links” mean the same thing. I want to link here to the bloggers and blogs I still read regularly.

I’d add more video and photo’s it just remains more time consuming.

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richard sprague January 2, 2010 at 1:12 am

I for one am very interested in hearing how you solve this problem, of the fragmentation and irregular posting that has accompanied the rise of Twitter and other services. I used to be annoyed at your twitter update posts, but now I’m thinking I wouldn’t mind having the same thing on my blog (how do you generate those, btw?) Because the nice thing about a blog vs. Twitter/Facebook/etc is that it’s more easily googleable, especially long after the moment, and so really helps with the Lifestreaming idea.

btw, you may like a similar summary at : http://www.marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2010/01/how-to-capture-an-idea.html

luca January 2, 2010 at 1:35 pm

Hi Stuart,
I’m happy to chose Thesis. I’ve been using it for the past year and I’m very happy about that. I slowly learnt how to tweak it and you can see the results on my blog. I’m blogging less, too, but not that less. I used to write one post a day (at least) in the past, but now I can write two/three posts a week. For me, Twitter changed everything… What I wrote about before, now can fit in 140 chars sometimes 🙂

Stuart January 2, 2010 at 10:58 pm

Hi Richard, good to see you back! Great Link.. I am similar. I’ve also got a post in progress on this. Thanks also for the honest feedback on your dislike of my twitter update post (which I presume you mean posting my blog updates to twitter). I’ve been looking at how to get my daily Delicious post out of Twitter as it is redundant as I have delicious links posting to Twitter. Yet the link blog is the only way I can get my “notes” on the bookmark back into my blog. I may be close to fixing that today after changing to Postilicious

So re google and getting it into a blog. On Wordpress I use “TwitterTools” by Alex King. That posts all blogs to Twitter. It also creates a sidebar widget.

To get Tweets into your blog. I use the above TwitterTools. I then use “Ultimate Category Excluder” to eliminate Tweets from the main page and RSS feed. I figure people have already seen them. They do go into my archives which makes them a little messy. That means that all my Tweets are in my blog search. Thus my history on my tweets is better than Twitters…. They also get a daily page so may even show up on a google search. The TwitterTools plug-in lets you aggregate these etc.

Think part of the secret is thinking about our personal clouds.

Stuart January 2, 2010 at 11:06 pm

Hi Luca, I thought I’d seen Thesis or heard of it being used by someone I know. You’ve customized that template a lot… It would seem easier to do it another way. What we need is a tighter integration between our blog and Twitter lives. We want to keep control over our content for as Richard notes even being able to search it is useful. I’m going to look again at your twitter widget for friends although I’m not sure it is developed enough to really provide the mybloglog type approach I’d like to bring back. Similarly there is a problem between the old RSS – Google Reader and using Twitter.

Happy New Year!

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