#link http://bit.ly/63yRiG: How is the Internet changing the way YOU think?

January 11, 2010

in Conversational Blogging

Some interesting reading via The World Question Center 2010.

This year’s Question is “How is the Internet changing the way YOU think?” Not “How is the Internet changing the way WE think?” We spent a lot of time going back on forth on “YOU” vs. “WE” and came to the conclusion to go with “YOU”, the reason being that Edge is a conversation. “WE” responses tend to come across like expert papers, public pronouncements, or talks delivered from stage.

This is an experiment too. Using #link and bit.ly to hit the original content via Twitter. The title and then my link to my blog will be inserted by Twitter tools. Unfortunately this will be preceded by #unboundspiral and #link and bit.lyURL in twitter too. Not sure I like all that.

I really do need this PressThis bookmarket to be changed to incorporate Twitter more effectively.

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