Value-based Service Systems – How much is you?

January 25, 2010

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A nice facilitation example of the role we play in value co-creation and the way Irene Ng puts the question to her students.  How much is “YOU” in the last experience you had?

So I go on the white board and on the right hand side I ask them to give me the outcome of the experience value. I wanted the emotional and functional outcomes so they will say “relaxed”, “feel good”, “got updated on the gossip”, “chilled”, “cosy and warm”. Then on the left hand side of the board, I ask them to give me a list of all the attributes of the cafe. This part is easy. they usually say “music’, “ambience”, “good coffee”, “not crowded”, “good seats”, “good heating”. Between the attributes and the outcomes, I create a blank column and I ask them a simple question – how the hell did ‘ambience” become ‘chilled”? How did “music” become “relaxed”? They usually look puzzled, and do not understand. Until I say – “what if you can’t hear”? would “music” still lead to “relax”? what if you are there to sort out a problem with a girlfriend, would “ambience” still lead to”chilled”?

via Value-based Service Systems: Value Co-creation.

A little piece that is important here and not mentioned is “trust”. Without an element of “trust” you will never have the ambience or the ambient intimacy that really creates a deep seated relationship and experience.

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Jon Husband January 25, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Trust – the only thing that really matters when people are interacting, regardless of the latest tools / technology or not.

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