Boingo and iTunes = a Prepaid WiFi Solution

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March 29, 2010

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Boingo now provides another reason why I’m happy my iPad will be WiFi only. I don’t often respond to PR releases. Yet this Boingo offer is both obvious and a smart move forward. For $1.99 you can now prepay “a WiFi hour” via the iTunes store. That’s potentially good insurance to carry around. Works on the iPhone and iPad.

There are two Boingo apps in the iTunes store today the one you want is Boingo WiFi Credits. (Its free and the first session is free). Boingo wants your email address (Why not a TwitterID? – I know I know) and will quickly locate hot-spots nearby.  Just remember the other app where you buy a monthly subscription may be cheaper for some users. This app is designed to hook you on $1.99 hourly sessions. Not a bad thing yet if Starbucks is your place you may want to try the other app and go monthly.

Yes there are other ways to get online. Yet this is a fairly hassle free way to do it. It’s a good example too of how the iTunes store is being used for services. Unfortunately the “commission” Apple charges is too much. We could also enter discussion on “who” uses it. Yet there’s a segment here. And the single incidence of “free” insurance I now carry is compelling enough to install on my iPhone. I may not use it for ages… but one day I will and then I will pay  1.99 to have that option again.

Boingo Wireless To Support Apple iPad On First Day Of Release (part of release only)

LOS ANGELES – March 29, 2010 – Boingo Wireless, the global leader in WiFi, today announced a new application designed for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad users that allows consumers to purchase one-hour credits for Wi-Fi service directly from their Apple iTunes account. The “Boingo Wi-Fi Credits” software application is immediately available for download from Apple’s U.S. App Store.

Consumers can purchase the $1.99 Wi-Fi credits in advance or at the time of connect simply by confirming the purchase using their iTunes account login. The credits can be redeemed for 60 consecutive minutes of Wi-Fi access at a single Boingo hotspot, and can be used at any of the more than 125,000 Boingo hotspots worldwide.

Apple mobile device owners can purchase as many credits as they want. Those users who buy credits in blocks of ten will be rewarded with an additional free credit. The credits are good for up to one full year after purchase.

“Boingo’s new Wi-Fi credits are an easy, affordable way for millions of users to buy Wi-Fi access through an existing iTunes account,” said Dave Hagan, president and CEO for Boingo Wireless. “For Apple device owners who find themselves needing Wi-Fi access only occasionally, it’s a great way to put some credits in the bank, so you can draw them down when you need them most.”

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