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Where’d I go? About 3000 miles – 200 a Day Average

July 29, 2010

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been motorcycling through California and Oregon. I went to the BMW International Rally in Redmond Oregon, spent time camping in fairly undeveloped campsites and ran up about 3000 miles including a driveshaft failure on my bike. I thought about blogging and tweeting while away. I didn’t blog and I didn’t Tweet. Although I think I could have done a pretty neat trip blog in retrospect. Still I came home and created a list of some of the things I should and perhaps still will blog about. Here’s my quick to blog list.

  • Sharing iPads at BMWMOA – What I learned from Granddad?
  • Oregon Campsites vs California – General Reflections. Basically California’s management of their state parks is killing camping. By contrast Oregon’s outsourced system seems to be working well.
  • OffRoad School at BMWMOA. Learning to ride in gravel, sand, etc. Courses and coaching available.
  • The non-tech crowd and anti-facebookers. Real People still have 10 Nokia’s. Really.
  • Our National Parks and Cell phone coverage is a National Disgrace!!!
  • AT&T’s rural coverage simply SUCKS. We’re more backward than India when it comes to small towns.
  • Motorcycle Camp Gear and my Portable Chair.Traveling with almost nothing.
  • BMW of Western Oregon – Stepping up on Customer Service – Helping a Rider in Need.
  • At BMWMOA why are the Women missing? What’s BMW or the Club doing about it?
  • Test Rides and the BMW S100RR – Speed Demon!

Then as one does I found myself writing a few notes that I should write about things like….

  • Why Research Often Fails Companies – How to Research and Win.
  • Apple’s iPad Publishing Strategy and How They are Blowing It
  • India’s 3G Inflection Point and Why it presents a positioning Opportunity for HP or Dell
  • The iPad and Banking – When will I ever get decent Finance Apps
  • Yet Another Complaint to File against  AT&T on My Family Data Plan
  • Can I quit using my MacBookPro and only use my iPad? Working Different?

Then I came back and looked at the posts I’d begun drafting and haven’t posted or completed. These included

  • FaceTime – What Apple’s Strategy Means to Communications (I had a collection of posts ready)
  • The New Conversation – Exponential Flows – something I’d been talking about with Jon Husband and must finish. Convos’ are where I’m heading strategically.
  • Nokia and Social Activism – How to Make Nokia Relevant and build traction in the US.
  • Why I checked out of the Twitter Developer EcoSystem
  • ByeBye Phweet – Closing an Experiment.

Could keep me blogging for days… yet that’s not my intention. The best part? Lots of different people from all over and not just from the US. From owners of $1000 bikes to brand new toys. I really enjoyed meeting others and their passion too for motorcycling.

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Jon Husband July 29, 2010 at 6:20 pm

Trip of a lifetime, so far ?

I have always found that when I go traveling / get out of my normal context, ideas and creativity start to flow. One of the best reasons I can think to eventually get myself an iPad 😉

Stuart July 29, 2010 at 7:08 pm

Hi Jon, Agree, the book “The Artist’s Way” suggests you take a creative date with yourself from time to time. It was great to get away from tech and try some offroad riding. Got as far as Portland. Now Vancouver doesn’t look so far. Top day was 440 miles although I think I could do 600 in a stretch day. However, the next day…. harder to do the extra miles.

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