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Pebble Beach – Cars Cars Cars

August 16, 2010

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I didn’t actually get in to the Pebble Beach Concours although I’m sure it was a fantastic event. I did repeat going down to see the Concours Parade which finishes in the main street of Carmel Ca. Once a year it results in cars (gorgeous cars) parked everywhere and car nuts walking the streets for a few hours waiting for the parade of cars to drive in. This year a few started arriving about 11:45. The last one trickled in about 1:15 and there they remained until approximately 2:00 for the crowd to admire, walk amongst the owners (most seem to lock them and go  off for lunch).

Cars hit different people in different ways. From the kids that were asking Dad – can we go now, to the guys looking at some old Roller or Pierce Arrow. Neither of which really get me going. There’s always multiple conversations on the details and numerous – I had one of those once…..  Most of the Ferrari’s were fairly ordinary although they always gather the crowd. The workmanship in 60’s Ferrari’s as in interior / dash materials etc is really very ordinary. By contrast the Brit cars are much better. My favorites on the day were definitely the Pegaso and the Siata (a 208 from 53 or 54 I think). These cars were both way ahead of their time, gorgeous in design. I’m sure they’d be fun to drive today too. I will probably never see another in the flesh – they are that rare. I took a few pictures you can find them in Flickr.

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