When will your MacBookPro get an iOS TrackFinder?

October 24, 2010

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Where do you want the touchscreen on your laptop? This comment below from Steve Jobs makes plenty of sense to me. Having had my iPad in a dock with a wireless keyboard – it’s a pain! And I gave up using it that way almost instantly. The dock stays in a cupboard. Both lie flat if I use them together. Test it yourself.

Steve Jobs: Touchscreen Laptops Don’t Work (AAPL)

Apple is in no rush to bring touchscreen computing to its laptops.

Steve Jobs said today touchscreen notebooks would be, “ergonomically terrible.”

Apple has filed for a number of patents related to touchscreen iMacs, fueling speculation that the company would soon introduce a touchscreen desktop or laptop computer.

So now MacBooks have a “glass trackpad”  why not make it a second screen in an ergonomically more appealing position. What could go? All those function keys too? A quick toggle from app mode to pinch and zoom? TrackFinder? That would also simplify access to the finder and bring all folders to the trackpad. It’s at least something I’d like to experiment with. Now stick your iPhone on your trackpad and think about it and there’s no need for a retina display. Would this get rid of the desktop entirely? It would make that new mac look a little different. Would this also make sense when contemplating the future for AirPlay?

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