Revolutionary New Phone Charger

June 14, 2011

in General Interest, innovation

I just had to post this picture from some of my recent travels. While it makes an adequate phone charger, the man and his stories that showed it to me left a long-term impression. I also found it somewhat symbolic. I’ve neglected my blog for ages and it’s time to recharge my thoughts on it. Yes, I’ve been busy!

It’s hardly revolutionary – fact is it is a pretty good 12 year old school science experiment. And that’s just the way it was explained to me in a small “solar” village north of Kanpur in northern India. Importantly this charger was not just an experiment. It was being used by the boys family to recharge their phone and play an old larger transistor radio. In fact while many villagers had Solar systems on their roof tops (another story) a learning here was there are many ways to power up your life. This village had embraced solar, and used tractors, and many devices to generate power. Inverters are common! By contrast a village a few miles away hadn’t seen the rewards and wasn’t putting in the same exploratory efforts to seek new solutions to power up. Of course there are many deeper reasons behind all of this…. that’s why it needs researching! 🙂

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