How Do You Buy Your Movie Tickets? – Increasing Impact of Mobile Apps

January 6, 2012

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Fandango.jpgI’m sure I saw a comment or fact the other day on how mobile is impacting and changing the way we purchase services. I think the example was movies. The data point reminded me to write up why mobile will quickly (it is already for some users) become the dominant medium for interacting and buying services, booking restaurants, going to the movies, airlines, and why it is already changing shopping etc.

You may have remembered sitting in the kitchen a few years ago and talking about movies. Which one will we see? You then went off to the PC/Desktop to confirm what you had seen in the paper, the times and to try and secure a few seats. You may have been using Fandango or anther service. You’d print out the details after and be ready to go later. It took a few minutes and eliminated the risk of not getting a seat.

Now contrast it with the mobile experience. The mobile comes out and the conversation almost seamlessly moves to times and movies. There’s no need to move, find a PC or boot it up. Fandango is launched, it already knows your location, and provides details on all the theaters around. Various listings of movies appear. It is easy to share the “trailer” and collectively make a choice. This little act is an example of where the mobile creates a better conversation, saves time, and is more responsive – re environment, task at hand, and easy to use than the PC. Which means the mobile has an inbuilt conversion potential vs the PC that accelerates the adoption of online services. Add to that the pervasive nature of mobiles and their always on capability and we have a tsunami in the making.

This shift is effectively a one time deal. Assuming you once booked a movie on a PC, once you have booked one on your smartphone using an App like Fandango, you will probably never go back. As for breaking movies… unless you are a real buff it easier to find the trailers on the phone than on the PC when you don’t know what to search for. There are plenty of apps for that.

What’s my point?

  • Mobile Apps are creating new conversational moments and exchanges that require or present opportunities for more responsive services.
  • The PC is no longer the main delivery vehicle or mechanism for these services
  • The “when I’m out” use case may now be the most important – spur of the moment.
  • Easy to use, simplicity is in. Simplify! Simplify some more.
  • Get a strategy for getting your APP on smart phones. Then keep it relevant.
  • Occasional use is ok.

Really none of this is really new. The reason for making the point today is my perception that we have hit a tipping point, and the result will redefine many services over the next few years.

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