“Hey Siri” tell me about HomeKit. #WWDC

June 2, 2014

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DSC_1352“Hey Siri” tell me about HomeKit. I’d like more details and this will make a big difference to using products like Philips Hue – “turn up the lights”. As long as there is no network delay in response. I suspect Siri will have to remember the Turn up the lights by keeping the action local.

iOS 8 also taught Siri some new tricks. Shazam integration will let Siri ID any song in earshot, and it can dim your lights or turn up your thermostat through the new smart home framework. There are backend changes too, like streaming voice recognition and improved language support, but the big news is that you’ll be able to call up the program without even touching your phone. Just say the words “Hey, Siri” and it’ll appear automatically, similar to “OK, Google” in Chrome. via The Verge.

HomeKit will allow iPhones to start controlling smart devices, such as garage-door openers, lights, and security cameras. It all can be controllable through Siri: say, “Get ready for bed,” and your home could automatically dim its lights and lock its doors. Apple will run a certification program for HomeKit; initial partners include August, which is known for its beautiful smart lock; Honeywell; iHome; TI; and about a dozen more. The Verge.

I don’t understand yet how it will all work. I presume there will be a geo-fenced capability and the Apple presentation suggested some form of pairing. I suspect that in a year we may see this evolve to look like the Healthbook they announced  today where Apple manages your network privacy and “away from home” you use one of the new “extensions” in your future HomeLink App – which is currently pure speculation.

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