#WWDC iMessage and Continuity

June 2, 2014

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DSC_1127I have three observations from the Apple Keynote I saw this morning. Whether they come true or not remains to be seen. 1. iMessage, 2.TouchID, 3. Ok Siri. I’ll make them separate posts. First up iMessage and the new calling features that allow easy integration between iPhone and Mac. Some competitors won’t be happy. Apple just matched many feature found in WhatsApp, Snapchat and Skype. New group messaging features look to be well done and integration of iPhone (my phone number) with my MacBook will add convenience.  If Jan Koum is annoyed he should just be pleased he already sold to FaceBook.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum isn’t too happy about the new additions: via WhatsApp CEO Angry iMessage RipOffs – Business Insider.

What are the implications? What direction is suggested?  The smart thing for Apple would be to go cross-platform with messaging now or at least with the launch of iOS 8 in September. At least enable Android for iMessage (perhaps add FaceTime too). Apple users will drive Android users to the iMessage platform. The integration with contacts, notifications, mac and iPad means it is just easier.  For iOS users adding in group and calendar elements adds to this choice as well as the apparent ease that “families” and “favorite” and “recent calls” will provide.  And frankly this will take away a painpoint in scheduling meetings etc. for which many users currently use Google Calendar for.

Additional reasons to make this change. Any Android users that doesn’t have an AppleID will have to get one. That will also give them an iCloud account which will also work with the proposed upgrades to iPhoto; which I think they announced were coming to Windows PC next year??? Add an Apple Store account on Android etc. Isn’t Beats already there…. Makes sense to me.


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